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Faux Suede Snuggle Bed, Color Grey, XLarge

$950 saved $52

Reverse it… Style it… You and your dog will just love it!
Ideal for dogs or cats that like to curl up or snuggle to sleep. 

The tightly woven faux-suede material makes this a very durable bed that can even stand up to the damage caused by a casual chewer. However, if your pet is a persistent chewer that can chew through or pull on plastics or steel, the Snuggle Bed might not be suitable. 

- Both the bed and the cushion are reversible.
- A supportive wall is built, so your pet feels warm, cozy, and protected.
- Machine-washable (use cold water and a mild detergent). 
- Tumble dry on low or line dry. (Note: Some color may come off in the first few washes, but that’s nothing to worry about.)

Size references:
Small - 21″L x 18″W x 6'H
Large - 25″L x 21″W x 6"H
X-Large - 34'L x 28'W x 9'H
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