Lactose Free Pet Milk, 1000ml
Lactose Free Pet Milk, 380ml
Neem Citronella Spray, 130ml
Premium CBD Tincture for Pet, 30 ml
K9comfort Nose Balm 100mg - 1 oz
K9comfort 40mg CBD Tincture Of Hemp - 29.8 ml
K9comfort-Plus 250mg CBD Tincture Of Hemp - 29.8 ml
K9comfort Salve 200mg - 2 ozK9comfort Salve 200mg - 2 oz
Plus Applicator, Small up to 10kg, Count: 3 pack
Plus Applicator, Medium 10-20kg, Count: 3 pack
Plus Applicator, Large 20-40kg, Count: 3 pack
Preventic Tick Collar for DOGS, 25"
Salmon Oil,  32oz / 946 mlSalmon Oil,  32oz / 946 ml
Enzymatic Toothpaste For Dog, Flavor Poultry, 2.5oz
Canine Senior Wellness Hip & Joint Advanced Counts, 90 Chewable Tabs
Natural Toothpaste For Dog, Flavor Peanut Butter, 2.5oz
Fast and Fresh Dental Wipes, 50 wipes
Pill Pockets Treats For Dogs, Chicken Capsules, 7.9ozPill Pockets Treats For Dogs, Chicken Capsules, 7.9oz
Digestive Enzymes Pre & Probiotic, 8oz
Goat Milk Powder, 400g
Seameal, 1lb
Herbal Flea & Tick Collar, SmallHerbal Flea & Tick Collar, Small
Dental Kit for Dogs , Peanut Butter Flavour
Herbal Flea & Tick Collar, MediumHerbal Flea & Tick Collar, Medium
Vegetarian Toothbrush Dental Treats, 12cts , MediumVegetarian Toothbrush Dental Treats, 12cts , Medium
Triple Wormer Pyrantel Pamoate / Praziquantel, Medium/LargeTriple Wormer Pyrantel Pamoate / Praziquantel, Medium/Large
Digestive Enzymes Pre & Probiotic, 4oz
Flea & Tick Spray, 250mlFlea & Tick Spray, 250ml
Herbal Flea & Tick Collar, LargeHerbal Flea & Tick Collar, Large
Organic Daily Joints Supplements, 60g
Hip+Joint PRO Chews for Dogs, 60ct
Hip & Joint Powder Formula, 8oz
Prevention is the best medicine, and at Whiskers N Paws we have the tools and supplies tailored to cater to specific dog needs and enhance their health and well-being.

Supplements and health care products for dogs

Protect your four-legged friend from parasites, provide comfort for hips and joints, maintain clean teeth and gums, care for a shiny coat of fur, wipe dirt away from ears and eyes, boost immunity, calm anxieties, and treat wounds with medical solutions or natural remedies. We've got you covered from tick prevention to dewormers to general healthcare for your best friend.

Healthy pet care is made easy at Whiskers N Paws.

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