Nature's Miracle

Carpet Shampoo - Stain & Odor remover, 64oz


Water, natural odor control agents, cleaning agents (low-foaming surfactants), bio-enzymatic spores, fragrance. 

Carpet Shampoo - Stain & Odor remover
by Nature's Miracle

Carpet Shampoo is a deep cleaning stain & Odor remover a solution that effectively eleminates pet stains and odors. Nature's Miracle uses a low-foaming, phosphate-free formula to rejuvenate carpets to like-new condition. This carpet shampoo penetrates deep into carpet fibers ro extract new and old stains, odors and allergens. This product may use alone or with a carpet-cleaning machine or steamer.

- Vacuum area thoroughly 
- Use according to machine instructions
- Clean carpet and upholstery following machine's user guide
*Not recommended for use on velvet, silk, vinyl, leather upholstery or 100% cotton upholstery.


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