Hot Spot Remedy, 15ml
Cristal Hamster HabitatCristal Hamster Habitat
Small Animal Slicker Brush
Deluxe Color DanglyDeluxe Color Dangly
Small Animals Cage Cleaner, 24oz
Timothy Lollipop, AppleTimothy Lollipop, Apple
Kaytee My First Home Extra Large Single Pack-rabbit HomeKaytee My First Home Extra Large Single Pack-rabbit Home
Timothy Popsicle ChewTimothy Popsicle Chew
Skin & Itch Relief, 15ml
Travel Anxiety Relief, 15ml
WRM Clear, 15ml
Leaks No More, 15 ml
Timothy Tunnel
Play Table for Small AnimalsPlay Table for Small Animals
Apple Stick Bundle
Lixit Hand Feeding Syringe 35ml
Critter CruiserCritter Cruiser
Roll Arounds - 3pcsRoll Arounds - 3pcs
Timmy Pops Small Animals Chew ToyTimmy Pops Small Animals Chew Toy
Kaytee Tree of Life 3-in-1 Accessory - LargeKaytee Tree of Life 3-in-1 Accessory - Large
Hide & Chew RollHide & Chew Roll
CritterTrail 2-Level HabitatCritterTrail 2-Level Habitat
CritterTrail Extreme Challenge HabitatCritterTrail Extreme Challenge Habitat
Kaytee Tree Trunk Hideout Natural - Large
Crazy Hay Ball
Chew Toy Carrot Patch, 3pcs
Clear Small Animals Water Bottle, 8oz
Crazy Shakers
Easy Feeder Pack
Apple Stick Hay FeederApple Stick Hay Feeder
Celebration Cupcake Small Animals Chew ToyCelebration Cupcake Small Animals Chew Toy
Hay Bundles - 2pcsHay Bundles - 2pcs

Find all the pet supplies you need to make your small animal’s home safe, comfortable, and fun!

Choose the perfect habitat that gives them room to play and explore, and makes it easy for you to get access to them and interact together. Line their habitat with comfortable bedding to give them space to burrow, nest, and sleep, and add hideouts to make them feel even more safe and protected. Make sure food and fresh water is available to them and enrich their home with toys and treats.

Speak to our expert staff if you have any questions! At Whiskers N Paws, we are fur parents too.

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