Almo Nature

Chicken & Carrot Jelly Pouch for Dogs, 70g


Chicken & Carrot
Chicken 46%, Chicken Broth, Carrot 5%, Rice 0.2%
Energy 480 Cal/kg
Chicken & Tuna
Chicken 55%, Chicken Broth, Tuna 5%, Rice 0.2%
Energy 650 Cal/kg
Chicken & Pumpkin
Chicken 55%, Chicken Broth, Pumpkin 5%, Rice 0.2%
Energy 667 Cal/kg
Tuna, Chicken & Cheese
Tuna 27.5%, Chicken 27.5%, Tuna Broth, Cheese 5%, Rice 0.2%
Energy 767 Cal/kg
Tuna & Carrot
Tuna 55%, Tuna Broth, Carrot 5%, Rice 0.2%
Energy 582 Cal/kg

All Almo Nature Classic dog food is prepared with ingredients originally fit for human consumption. Almo Nature Classic is prepared with the best white meat, red meat, fish, cheese, ham, vegetables and rice preserved in their own cooking broth in order to preserve all micronutrients.
- 100% pure ingredients
- Naturally rich in vitamins and proteins
- All the benefits of natural wet food : natural hydration and noble nutrients
- Free from chemical addictives, preservatives, palatants or colorants
- Convenient single serve pouch ideal to complement kibble 

Guaranteed Analysis

Raw Protein 11-16%
Raw Fat 1%
Raw Ash 1%
Raw Fiber0.1%



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