Combination ScratcherCombination Scratcher
Catnip Spray, 1ozCatnip Spray, 1oz
Connect Window Teaser, Color AssortedConnect Window Teaser, Color Assorted
Peek-a-Prize Cat Toy Box, LargePeek-a-Prize Cat Toy Box, Large
Scratcher S-chaise w/ catnip
Boogie Mat
Catnip in Jar, 2.25oz
Find Me Cat Kitten TunnelFind Me Cat Kitten Tunnel
Big Mama's Scratch n Play Ramp
Design Senses Speed Circuit Box: 1Design Senses Speed Circuit Box: 1
PlayCenter, Color: WalnutPlayCenter, Color: Walnut
Senses Treat MazeSenses Treat Maze
Catoon Whimsical Cat SackCatoon Whimsical Cat Sack
Summer's Dream Kitty Carpet with  CatnipSummer's Dream Kitty Carpet with  Catnip
Scratchy Box-Double Wide Pieces: 1
Design Senses Food Box: 1Design Senses Food Box: 1
Catoon Tipsy Mice Catnip Toy, 2pcsCatoon Tipsy Mice Catnip Toy, 2pcs
Kitty Hut Cat Toy
Peek and Play Toy Box, Regular
Cat Grass Plus, Regular
My Cats Balls Catnip Toy, 2"diameter
Yeowww! Banana Catnip Toy, 7"
Incline Cat ScratcherIncline Cat Scratcher
Scratcher Jungle Stripes w/ catnip
Wool Ball Cat Toy, 1.5", Assorted, 1pc
Yeowww! Catnip Tub, 2oz
Double Cat Scratcher 1x
Play Pirates Cannon Tunnel
Egg-Cersizer Cat Feeder ToyEgg-Cersizer Cat Feeder Toy
Scratch, Ramp and Track Cardboard Toy
Yeowww! Stinkies Catnip Sardines in Tin 3xYeowww! Stinkies Catnip Sardines in Tin 3x
AFP Jumping Wand

Keep your cat active physically and mentally with a good quality toy

We know how important playtime is because it’s not only fun, it gives your cat the opportunity to perform their natural instinctive behaviours, including scratching, chasing, and hunting. Find a versatile scratcher that your cat can access from multiple angles and heights, or a wand toy that your cat will stalk, chase, and catch. Introduce a puzzle toy and watch your furry friend use their cognitive skills to figure out how to get the food out!

Besides engaging cat's body and mind, toys also strengthen with your cat through play, and enrich their lives. And an enriched cat is a happy cat!

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