Cod Skins Crunchy Sticks for Dogs & Cats, 4.7oz
Alaskan Cod Chips, 3.5oz
42 Series Treats Kangaroo Tendons, 70g
Cod Skins Crunchy Sticks for Dogs & Cats, 2.5oz
Treats - Freeze Dried Minnows, 1oz
Haddock Crunchy Sticks for Dogs & Cats, 2oz
Venison Meaty Cube Treats, 50g
Deer Sinew Treats for Dogs, Large, 150g
Deer Sinew Treats for Dogs, Small, 75g
Treats - Freeze Dried Shrimp, 1ozTreats - Freeze Dried Shrimp, 1oz
Treats - Sea Jerky Fish Strips 100gTreats - Sea Jerky Fish Strips 100g
Chews - Lamb Ears 60g
Treats - Sea Jerky Fish Knots 100gTreats - Sea Jerky Fish Knots 100g
Treats - Sea Jerky Tiddlers 115g
42 Teeth Treats Lamb Green Tripes Strips,  85g
Deer Jerky Treats for Dogs, 40g
Ocean Farmed Green Mussel Bites, 50g
Gone Fishin' 3 in 1
Treats - Sea Wraps Fish & Apple 90gTreats - Sea Wraps Fish & Apple 90g
42 Series Treats Venison Tendons, 100g
Deer Nugget Treats for Dogs, 80g
Cod & Herring Combo Bites Fish Dog Treat 3.52oz
Cod & Lobster Combo Bites Fish Dog Treat 3.52oz
Cod Skin Large Cube Dog Treat
Pure Hearts Crunchy Treats - Banana Brulee, 5oz
Coco-Charms Crunchy Treats - Pumpkin Pie, 5oz
18 Series Treats Kangaroo Jerkys, 80g
Cod & Shrimp Combo Bites Fish Dog Treat 3.52oz
Pure Hearts Crunchy Treats - Pino Colada, 5oz
Deer Kidney Treat for Dogs, 50g
42 Series Treats Kangaroo Tail, 85g
18 Series Treats Venison Jerkys, 80g
We know how much you love spoiling your dogs with yummy treats, because they definitely deserve it! But when our furry friends have food allergies or food sensitivities, we need to be careful about what we choose to feed them.

Carefully sourced hypoallergenic dog treats for your dogs

Luckily at Whiskers N Paws we have an extensive collection of allergy-friendly treats for you! These hypoallergenic treats are made with specially formulated recipes and limited ingredient formulas, so you can know exactly what your dog is eating. Salmon and cod are popular allergy-friendly treats, as are whitefish, shellfish and sardines.

Go ahead, give your dog a treat!

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