Premium CBD Tincture for Pet, 30 ml
K9comfort Nose Balm 100mg - 1 oz
K9comfort 40mg CBD Tincture Of Hemp - 29.8 ml
K9comfort-Plus 250mg CBD Tincture Of Hemp - 29.8 ml
K9comfort Salve 200mg - 2 ozK9comfort Salve 200mg - 2 oz
Pet Relaxing System for DogPet Relaxing System for Dog
Thundershirt Sport for Dogs, Large
ThunderEase for Dogs - Calming Spray, 60mlThunderEase for Dogs - Calming Spray, 60ml
Thundershirt Sport for Dogs, Medium
Comfort Calm Soft Chews, 30 counts
Thundershirt Sport for Dogs, XSmall
Dogs Calming Soft Chews, 30 Counts
Happy Traveler Calming Soft Chews, 75ct
Storm Stress for Dogs & Cats (all weights), 15ml
Herbal Tranquility Blend, 2ozHerbal Tranquility Blend, 2oz
Thundershirt Sport for Dogs, XXSmall
Thundershirt Sport for Dogs, XLarge
Herbal Tranquility Blend, 1ozHerbal Tranquility Blend, 1oz
Thundershirt Sport for Dogs, XXLarge
Thundershirt Sport for Dogs, Small
Cuddlin' Companion Bedtime Bear ToyCuddlin' Companion Bedtime Bear Toy
Anxiety Relief, 15 ml
There’s nothing more heartbreaking than watching our pets suffer from anxiety. While some signs are more obvious such as trembling or hiding away, anxious dogs can also exhibit behaviours classified as “naughty”, such as excessive barking, chewing, or urinating. Whether it’s separation anxiety, travel anxiety, thunderstorms or fireworks, find wearable accessories and at-home tools at Whiskers N Paws to provide comfort, a sense of security and relaxation to your furry friend.

Calm your anxious dogs with carefully selected dog calming aid products

Discover music therapy and audible sound waves for animals that can help your pets relax, or use calming treats to reduce the effects of normal environmental stress and tackle nervousness, hyperactivity or discontentment. It’s ok to comfort your dog. Find the best solution for you at Whiskers N Paws.

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