6 Fish Dog Dry Food, 25lb (USA)6 Fish Dog Dry Food, 25lb (USA)
Regional Red Dog Dry Food, 25lb (USA)Regional Red Dog Dry Food, 25lb (USA)
Puppy Formula Dog Dry Food, 25lb (USA)
Canine 'Gently Air-Dried' Lamb, 4kg
Canine Raw BARF Kangaroo, 227g x 12
Canine 'Gently Air-Dried' Mackerel & Lamb, 4kg
Canine 'Gently Air-Dried' Chicken, 4kg
Puppy Formula Dog Dry Food, 13lb (USA)
Canine Raw BARF Chicken, 227g x 12
Canine Raw BARF Combo, 227g x 12
Cage-Free Chicken Raw Coated Kibble, 22lb
Canine 'Gently Air-Dried' Venison, 2.5kg
Original Adult Formula Dog Dry Food, 4.5lb (USA)
Superior Control/Senior Formula, Large Bite, 12kg
Canine 'Gently Air-Dried' Venison, 1kg
Core Puppy Recipe Dry Dog Food, 26lb
Catch-of-the-Season Whitefish, 24lbCatch-of-the-Season Whitefish, 24lb
Canine 'Gently Air-Dried' Chicken, 2.5kg
Beef Feast Freeze Dried for Dogs, 1.8kgBeef Feast Freeze Dried for Dogs, 1.8kg
Wild-Caught Salmon, 12lbWild-Caught Salmon, 12lb
PURE Real Bison, Lentil & Carrot for Dogs, 21lb
Canine 'Gently Air-Dried' Chicken, 1kg
PURE Senior Real Chicken & Sweet Potato for Dogs, 24lb
Homestead Turkey & Chicken, 12lbHomestead Turkey & Chicken, 12lb
Catch-of-the-Season Whitefish, 12lbCatch-of-the-Season Whitefish, 12lb
Salmon LID Formula, 25lb
Organic Grain-Free Senior Recipe, 10lb
Freeze-Dried Dinners - Rabbit, 14oz
Cage-Free Chicken Raw Coated Kibble, 10lb
Raw Blend Free Range Goat Elk Recipe, 22lb
Grain-Free Real Salmon & Sweet Potato, 22lb
Freeze Dried Kangaroo Big Bites, 490g
As pet parents, we know that for dogs with food allergies or intolerances, finding the right food for them is extra important.

Grain-free dog food for your dog's unique needs

Some dogs are sensitive to grains in their diet, which is why we offer grain-free formulas that don't compromise on flavour, texture or variety. Natural grain-free food uses high-quality ingredients to create a balanced diet of proteins, fats, fiber and carbohydrates that is easier to digest and tackles allergies. If you suspect your dog has a food allergy, consult your vet to see if grain-free is a good option for you.

Our collection of the best grain-free brands are available in store and in our online shop.

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