Feline PURE Flaked Tuna, Shredded Chicken & Mackerel in Gravy, 70g
Chicken Breast w/ Cheese Natural Can Food, 156g
Feline Pate Chicken & Salmon Stew, 5.5oz
Feline Morsels Turkey Stew, 5.5oz
Feline Herring & Mackerel Rustic Blend, 5.5oz
Feline PURE Shredded Chicken in Gravy, 70gFeline PURE Shredded Chicken in Gravy, 70g
Feline Moist Rabbit & Lamb Can 85g
Feline Sensitive Diet Chicken, Rice & Peas Recipe, 3lb
Complete Feline Chicken w/extra Salmon, 7.5kg
Feline Pate Chicken Stew, 5.5oz
Chicken Fillet for Cats & Dogs, 170gChicken Fillet for Cats & Dogs, 170g
Feline Mixed Protein Chicken & Pheasant Pouch, 85g
Feline Beef Pate, 5.5oz
Feline Raw Coated Kibble Cage-Free Chicken Recipe, 5lb
Feline Moist Mackerel Can, 185g
Chicken Breast Natural Cat Food, 156g
Mackerel with Chicken Breast Broth, 70g
Salmon & Tuna for Cats & Dogs, 70gSalmon & Tuna for Cats & Dogs, 70g
Salmon in Broth for Cats & Dogs, 70gSalmon in Broth for Cats & Dogs, 70g
Feline Frozen Duck & Goose, 1.25lb
Tuna Kitten Jelly, 70g
Black Label Tuna w/ Prawns, 80g
Gold Label Chicken w/ Anchovies, 80g
Feline Raw Food Fish, 12x115g
Sardine and Mackerel Dinners Box, 10x70g
Tuna with Mussel Dinners Box, 10x70g
Feline Organix Grain-Free Organic Chicken Pate, 3oz
Feline Turkey Formula Nuggets, 3lb (Frozen)
Sardine with Mackerel Bowl, 60g
Chicken Breast with Duck Bowl, 60g
Feline Trout Mousse Pouch, 99g
Feline Salmon Mousse Pouch, 99gFeline Salmon Mousse Pouch, 99g

As pet parents, we know how important your cat’s diet is for keeping them healthy and happy. Whiskers N Paws is here to help you find the food that your cat will love and provide the best nutrition.

Different types of cat food - what should you feed your cat?

Natural dry cat food remains the most affordable way to feed your cat, and our premium brands are all made with natural ingredients, ensuring that your cat will get the best nutrients. To increase your cat’s water intake, choose to add wet food to their kibble, or switch to a complete wet food diet. Using water or broth to rehydrate freeze-dried or dehydrated food will also make sure your cat gets the liquids they need. For an easy way to prepare a minimally processed, nutritious meal your cat will love, choose freeze-dried, dehydrated, or frozen food. We offer limited ingredient and grain-free options for cats with food allergies or sensitivies.

Shop for your cat’s favourite meals at Whiskers N Paws, and get free delivery to your home when you spend over $300. Healthy pet care can be just that easy!

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