Feline Calming Collar, 1pc
Pet Relaxing System for CatPet Relaxing System for Cat
Comfort Zone w/ Pheromone Unscented, 59ml
Happy Traveler Calming Soft Chews, 75ct
Herbal Tranquility Blend, 2ozHerbal Tranquility Blend, 2oz
Thundershirt for Cats, Color Grey, MediumThundershirt for Cats, Color Grey, Medium
Feline Anxiety Relief, 15 ml
Kitty Cuddle Pal: 1Kitty Cuddle Pal: 1
Herbal Tranquility Blend, 1ozHerbal Tranquility Blend, 1oz
Storm Stress for Dogs & Cats (all weights), 15ml
Anxiety Relief, 15 ml
Purr Pillow
Premium CBD Tincture for Pet, 30 ml
Calming for Cats Soft Chew, 30 Counts
Thundershirt for Cats, Color Grey, SmallThundershirt for Cats, Color Grey, Small

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Cats thrive on routines, and when their normal schedule is disrupted they can get stressed, sometimes leading to undesirable behaviour such as excessive scratching and urinating in the wrong places. Sometimes they can even get sick!

Cat calming aids and remedies help to ease anxiety

Find a range of calming collars or sprays that release comforting pheromones to calm feline anxieties, and thundershirts or audible sound wave machines to give your cat a sense of security and help them relax. Tackle travel anxiety, storm anxiety, digestive upset, or skin conditions with our calming aids and other remedies. They come in chewy treats or liquid formulas that can be easily added to their food or water. Help your cat stay calm by making them feel safe.

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