Feline Dental Treats - Catnip, 4.6oz
Pure Salmon Fillet Cat Treats, 1oz
Pure Turkey Breast Cat Treats, 1ozPure Turkey Breast Cat Treats, 1oz
Pure Chicken Breast Cat Treats, 1ozPure Chicken Breast Cat Treats, 1oz
Freeze-Dried Ahi Tuna Treats for Cats, 1.1ozFreeze-Dried Ahi Tuna Treats for Cats, 1.1oz
Catnip in Jar, 2.25oz
Freeze Dried Turkey Hearts, 3.5oz
FreeStyle Perfect Purees Cat Treats - Chicken & Salmon - 0.5 oz
Kitty's Garden Oats, Wheat, Rye & Barley Box SetKitty's Garden Oats, Wheat, Rye & Barley Box Set
FreeStyle Perfect Purees Cat Treats - Tuna & Crab - 0.5 oz
FreeStyle Perfect Purees Cat Treats - Chicken - 0.5 oz
Cod Skins Crunchy Sticks for Dogs & Cats, 4.7oz
Alaskan Salmon Chips, 4oz
Treats - Freeze Dried Shrimp, 1ozTreats - Freeze Dried Shrimp, 1oz
Alaskan Cod Chips, 3.5oz
Wonder Nuggets Turkey & Cranberry Training Treats,12oz
Chicken Littles Bone Shaped Crunchy Treats, 8oz
Cod Skins Crunchy Sticks for Dogs & Cats, 2.5oz
Treats - Freeze Dried Minnows, 1oz
Clam Chowda Crunchy Sticks, 5oz
Henny Penny Chicken & Cranberry Crunchy Sticks,5oz
Freeze-Dried Minnows for Cats, 0.5ozFreeze-Dried Minnows for Cats, 0.5oz
Feline Dental Treats, Salmon, 4.6oz
Freeze-Dried Cat Treats - Chicken, 1.09oz
Feline Dental Treats - Tuna, 4.6ozFeline Dental Treats - Tuna, 4.6oz
Feline Grain-Free Original Treats, 1.25oz
Garden Pet Grass Self-Grow Kit, Regular
Atlantic Silverside for Dogs & Cats, 2.5oz
Whole Mackerel Loin, 1.06oz
Feline Skin & Fur Treats - Chicken, 2.1ozFeline Skin & Fur Treats - Chicken, 2.1oz
Freeze-Dried Cat Treats - Chicken Breast, 0.6 oz
Smoked Saba Fillet Treats, 4pcs

Cat treats help strengthen your bond with your cat

Treats can be an easy way to win your cat’s heart, that’s why at Whiskers N Paws we have treats for every kind of cat. Natural meaty treats in a variety of flavours and textures will surely satisfy your meat lover feline, and freeze-dried treats provide a convenient, healthy, and delicious snack. Dental cat foods and treats double as an oral healthcare routine, so your cat can enjoy a chew while being productive in maintaining their healthy teeth and gums. Treat your cat to their favourite catnip or cat grass and watch them go crazy with excitement! Giving your cat a treat is a special bonding moment for both of you.

Find your cat’s favourite treats at Whiskers N Paws!

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