Freeze Dried Mixed Organ Bites, 85gFreeze Dried Mixed Organ Bites, 85g
Freeze Dried Beef Tendon Chew, 85gFreeze Dried Beef Tendon Chew, 85g
Freeze Dried Wagyu Cuts, 85gFreeze Dried Wagyu Cuts, 85g
Freeze Dried Angus Cuts, 85gFreeze Dried Angus Cuts, 85g

About Beasty

Beasty by Crown State Pastoral was created by a family of farmers with a love for pets. Located in New South Wales Australia, we have been raising award winning cattle for the past 10 years. We own the land; we raised the cattle. With love and dedication, we raised the best cattle without any GMO and are completely hormone free. We feel all our customers should know how their food was produced. For a decade we have fed the world delicious and natural beef. Now, we feed your best friend too. As the age old saying goes, you are what you eat. You eat clean, shouldn’t you feed your companion the same?

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