Eco-Me - Floor Cleaner UnscentedEco-Me - Floor Cleaner Citrus Berry
Eco-Me - All Purpose Cleaner Eco-Me - All Purpose Cleaner Citrus Berry
Eco-Me - Dish Soap UnscentedEco-Me - Dish Soap Citrus Berry
Eco-Me - Glass Cleaner Eco-Me - Glass Cleaner Herbal Mint
Eco-Me - Dog Clean Spray Lavender
Eco-Me - Hand Soap Eco-Me - Hand Soap Citrus Berry
Eco-Me - Hand Soap Mia by Eco Me Citrus Sage

About Eco-Me

Eco-Me products were created out of love and concern and the driving passion to remove chemicals from our homes. All of our products are made with premium quality, natural based ingredients that provide safe and effecting cleaning for you and your whole family. Since 2006, Eco-Me has been manufacturing natural products at our facility in southern California. We source our ingredients from local suppliers whenever we can and work with ingredients that are food-grade and plant-based.

The Ingredients
Eco-Me disclose the full ingredient. They made with food grade & plant-based ingredients and are vegan and gluten free. All products are PETA & Leaping Bunny certified and no animal-testing or bi-products.

What Eco-Me don’t use:
No sulfates or ethoxylates; no synthetic fragrances; BPA-free & phthalate-free; no colorants or dyes; no harmful preservatives (methylisothiazolinone benzothiazolinone)

As a company and as individuals we strive to reverse the negative balance on our planet. Our ingredients arrive to our manufacturing facilities in drums, these are often re-purposed throughout the community as rain capture and compost containers. Our plastics are BPA-FREE which means no harmful phthalates.

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