Cristal Hamster HabitatCristal Hamster Habitat
Small Animal Slicker Brush
Small Animals Cage Cleaner, 24oz
Kaytee My First Home Extra Large Single Pack-rabbit HomeKaytee My First Home Extra Large Single Pack-rabbit Home
CritterTrail 2-Level HabitatCritterTrail 2-Level Habitat
CritterTrail Extreme Challenge HabitatCritterTrail Extreme Challenge Habitat
Clear Small Animals Water Bottle, 8oz
CritterTrail Water Bottle, 5oz
Hi-Corner Litter Pan for Small Animals, Large
Clear Small Animals Water Bottle, 4oz
2-Story Hamster Cage2-Story Hamster Cage
Habitrail Ovo Transport UnitHabitrail Ovo Transport Unit
Forage Bowl - LargeForage Bowl - Large
Forage Bowl - SmallForage Bowl - Small
Hi-Corner Litter Pan for Small Animal, Regular
Lixit Salt & Mineral Wheel  Blister Pack
CritterTrail RunZ Run-About HabitatCritterTrail RunZ Run-About Habitat
Flat-Bac Water Bottle, 4oz
Crittertrail Playpen w/ Protective MatCrittertrail Playpen w/ Protective Mat
Small Animals Carrier,  Purple/Grey, SmallSmall Animals Carrier,  Purple/Grey, Small
Ac-5 Aquarium Cage Bottle 5oz
Flat-Bac Water Bottle, 8oz

Small animals habitats: Hamster cages, rabbit houses, guinea pig cages, and more

Choosing the perfect home for your little furry friend is an important task, since they will spend most of their time there. A great habitat allows critters to explore, climb, and play, and makes it easy for you to add extra accessories like food bowls and water bottles. Remember to consider the full-grown size of your critter when choosing the home, so that they’re able to grow into it and still have lots of room to play!

Small animals love to burrow and nest, so include a hideout that they can use as their comfy and safe sleeping area. Provide lots of opportunities for them to chew, which will improve their oral health and relieve boredom and stress. Safe toys and salt and mineral licks will provide hours of entertainment! Add a litter pan inside the habitat to make clean-up easier, and the high sides of the pan help keep any mess inside. To give your furry friend more freedom, attach a playpen to their habitat!

Find everything you need to create the perfect critter home at Whiskers N Paws.

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