Sojos - Simply Freeze Dried Turkey Dog Treats 4 oz
Sojos - Simply Freeze Dried Lamb Dog Treats 4 oz
Sojos - Natural Turkey Liver Cat Treats 1 oz
Sojos - Simply Freeze Dried Beef Dog Treats 4 oz
Sojos - 100% Salmon Cat Treats 1 oz

About Sojos - Raw made easy

Delivering both the unsurpassed nutrition of fresh raw food and the convenience of kibble, Sojos uses a gentle, proprietary freeze-drying process to turn raw meat into a safe and tasty kibble for your pet. All you need is to add water and raw meals will be ready in minutes. What’s more, every pound of Sojos rehydrates to more than 5 lbs. of nutrient-dense food. As for its Simply dog treats, every morsel is gently freeze-dried to lock in the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals in the real raw meat, making them the perfect bite-size treat for dogs of all sizes.

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